TLF 2500 L Water

Rain Machines

Rain Stativ


Wind Machines

3 Kw 380V


20 KW 380V


V8 350 PS

350 PS V8(unbenannt) 

2 KW 380 V

40 KW 380V

20 KW 380 V

12 KW

5 KW 380 V


Hot Water

Snow Makers


Smoke-Fog Machines








Our Special Effects services include:
Environmental Effects: Rain, Wind, Mist, Snow, Hail, Heat Haze & Dust Storms.
Fire Effects: Safe Controlled Fires, Human Torch, Fire Balls, Traveling Flames & Smoke.
Mechanical Effects: Heavy or light Engineering and Fabrication in Metal.
Pyrotechnics: War Scenes, Underwater Pyrotechnics, Bullet Hits, Miniature Effects, Live Shows, Theatrical, & Fireworks Displays.
Set Building & Construction: Specialised Action sets designed and fabricated.
Action Vehicles: Custom Built or Modified Vehicles of all descriptions.
Weapons: LPG Muzzle Flame effects for Guns, Retractable Knifes, Period Weapons & Custom Built Guns.
Art Department Supplies: Dust, Blood, Cobweb Guns, Fire Bars & Smoke Machines.
Candy Glass: Bottles, Windows & Mirrors.